The most recognized wineries and distilleries of the world can safely and simply sell products which are being produced and are premium, limited, unique or that transmit their history through their elaboration, aging, production and brand creation until the delivery to the door of their customers from every continent.

Customers can safely and easily exchange products which are being produced with other customers.

Customers can create communities in which they feel identified with the entity of the acquired product which is being produced and they can interact and share experiences with stakeholders from all over the world.

Customers can collect the best wines and distillates of the world even if they are still being produced.

Customers can save money by acquiring a product that is being produced which is connected to the real economy.

Through tokenization we connect the real production of wine and distillates with a digital asset that gives the possibility to presale products (futures market), reduce intermediaries, be financed by prospective customers and attract new customers.

How do we do it?

  1. The WINERY submits a certificate of existence authenticated by INV. PROOF OF CONCEPT
  2. The WINERY issues a NFT and a mine MARKETPLACE
  3. COSTUMERS buy the product
  4. The WINERY sends the bottles to the DISTRIBUTOR, boarding permission (BP)
  5. The BUYER transfers NFT and receives FIAT or a Bottle. PROOF OF LIQUIDITY
  6. The DISTRIBUITOR burns token by billing the commission to the winery and receiving FIAT.

How it Works?

NFT’s Funtionality and Uses:

  • I can build my Wine Storage Virtual with exclusive wines.
  • I can participate of virtual tastings with specialists.
  • I can use it as a gift card.
  • I can use it as a nominal Exchange rate hedge, B2C between companies.
  • I can use it as a way of payment, B2B between wineries and grape growers; between wineries and distributors and between customers and restaurants/bars.
  • It can be transacted in secondary markets (liquidity for the holder of the token).
  • I can obtain a future income.
  • I can use it as a collateral to access to DEFI credits.

Why should you choose us?

Drinksify allows you to tokenize Premium NFT wines and spirits and connect with consumers who want to be part of the digital world supported by the best Wineries and Distilleries of the world. This enables us to be “Best in Class Business Practices” since our model is based on 4 cornerstones:

Why should Blockchain model be developed?

The absolute advantages of using this technology in our value proposal are:

The Net

Our model is launched in stages. The first stage will be in the close Blockchain OARO and the scalable model will be in the Polygon net.

The scalable model, where markets are detailed below, is developed in Polygon and the main features regarding safety, UX, among other aspects are summarized hereafter:

The business model will be launched with wineries which produce wine from Argentina and Spain and export it to USA, UK, Europe, Brazil and the main countries of LATAM.

The second phase is focused on tokenize wine produced in Chile, USA, Australia and South Africa. Each launch which incorporates new producer countries will be carried out following the same “Best in Class Business Practices” assuring each person that they will operate safely, simply and with transparency.