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Be part of the Blockchain revolution with NFT's issued by the main wineries in the world

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Your virtual cellar at your fingertips, with the support of the main wineries in the world.


Building the future of the wine and spirits industry community in the making, by issuing digital assets backed by actual stocks of the present.

Allow people to easily access these instruments, generating greater equity value and with the security of operating in the blockchain for the best and greatest possible protection.


We will be the most important NFT'S exchange site for alcoholic beverages worldwide

Buy one of our tokenized wines
and receive the NFT's in your wallet

Keep them and increase their value
Transfer them to other wallets whenever you want
Publish them and offer them


1 Proof of existence

At Drinsify we verify the authenticity and origin of physical assets from the real world with documents issued by Official Government Bodies.

2 Secure transactions

By authenticating these physical assets and pairing them with a digital counterpart via the Blockchain, we enable anyone who owns an NFT to exchange it with anyone else in the world without having to worry about fraud and counterfeiting.

3 Liquidity and Disintermediation

From this, we are creating liquidity around NFTs by operating in a world of decentralized finance, while also leading to increasingly efficient trading of tokenized wines.

4 Innovation

By turning physical assets into transactable digital instruments, we digitize the sustainable real economy, with infinite growth possibilities.

5 Introducing DKF Tokens

We will soon launch DKF, the governance and utility token in the Drinksify wine community that will give holders unique access to wines, events, investments and much more. DKF will represent the first of its kind tokenized wine community that will be shaped for the community by the community.


Diego Ledda


Carlos Moyano


Jose Zalazar




You just have to create your account and enter stop
acquire the NFT's with any means of payment in a way
more efficient and without the complexity of specific virtual wallets.

Then redeem your NFT for the bottle of wine
in the delivery places authorized by the Wineries.

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